Meet Rosie - Managing Director, All Occasion Cruises

Managing Director Rosie Elias has built All Occasion Cruises from the ground up with her husband Joe. The success of the business is a testament to their hard work and dedication over the last 25 years.

Rosie’s success story is remarkable – she has shown incredible resilience and has become a real industry leader in her field along the way. She got her start by hiring out boats on the Harbour and organising events for friends. “I fell into this industry by accident,” Rosie admits. “When I first started at the age of 18, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I have no formal training, I taught myself everything I know.”

The demand for events grew unexpectedly, so Rosie and her husband Joe purchased their first boat after a year.


“I started off by creating all the brochures myself and doing mailouts,” Rosie says. “I eventually made our bookings program, followed by the packages and menus. Then we started employing staff.” Today, All Occasion Cruises has seven boats and employs up to 150 staff in the high season.

Rosie is not only impressive when it comes to AOC but she is a world-class mother of 4 boys. Her children definitely have her work ethic as the boys come down to the marina to help out whenever they can. 

Despite the exponential growth of AOC, Rosie remains hands-on in the business and says she’s “more passionate than ever” about her role. “I work with every department of my business, including the chefs, bar managers, cruise directors, accounts, marketing and the office staff. I love seeing my staff happy and productive. I should be retired and living the life of a housewife,” she laughs. “But you just can’t take me out of it, I love my work.”

After organising over 1,000 events a year, Rosie says she is still incredibly driven to make every single one successful. “I’m never on autopilot in this job. I get so much joy out of helping my clients create happy memories.”

Rosie invites you on board to feel the family-owned difference and let us host you out on Sydney Harbour.

See you soon,
Rosie Elias


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