Cruise Sydney Harbour Like A Rock Star

Sydney Harbour Cruises

If you thought taking a private cruise on Sydney Harbour is how celebrities pass time on slow sunny days, sipping French Champagne, taking selfies and tanning then you’re absolutely correct.

Sydney Harbour Cruises

Sydney Harbour Boat Tours

In fact, All Occasion Cruises has hosted some of the biggest names in Hollywood and Australia. 

But what you may not know is you can charter the very same vessels on the very same Harbour with your friends, colleagues, family or fans.

So if you fancy kicking back on the deck where Kendal chilled with Kylie Jenner, well you can. 

Or if you’d like to spin your tunes where Drake spun his, that can be done too. 

What about dropping anchor where Delta did or hosting a private party like Charlie Sheen did when he was in town.

Sydney Harbour Boat Tours

No matter what the occasion the team at All Occasion Cruises can make it happen. Let them help you pull together a memorable business meeting, an unforgettable girls nights out, spectacular celebration, a product launch or a legendary party on a boat tour. 

With 6 incredibly diverse vessels in terms of size, capacity and suitability to choose from there is definitely one perfect for your occasion, with your name on it.

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