Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can we play music on board?

Yes. A DJ can be included in your package, you can bring your own, or you can plug into our on- board speakers using an aux cord and a phone or mp3.

Can we swim off the boat?

The only charter vessel equipped with a swimming platform is the MV Aussie Magic, however Seven Star, Aqua Bay and Sunseeker are all equipped with swimming platforms so swimming is encouraged! Only daytime swimming is permitted while at anchor and we recommend that guests provide their own towels. Please advise your Event Manager prior to your charter if you plan on swimming.

Can I smoke on the boat?

Yes, smoking is permitted in the designated outdoor areas of all charter and luxury vessels.

What happens in the event of rain or strong winds? Will I get seasick?

Rain, hail and wind are unfortunately out of our control and all charters go ahead no matter the weather conditions. If there are any concerns for passenger safety your cruise may be postponed. Sydney Harbour has relatively calm waters, however if you are worried about getting seasick, we recommend taking a ginger tablet before boarding.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact your Event Manager for a copy of our Terms and Conditions.

What payments do you require and how can I make a payment?

Deposit amounts vary per vessel and are required within 7 days of tentatively holding a cruise date. Final balance payments are required 2 weeks prior to your cruise date. Payments can be made by credit card with a 2.5% surcharge, direct deposit, cash, cheque or bank deposit.

Are there bathrooms on board?

Yes, all vessels have multiple bathrooms on board. Lady Rose is the only vessel with a disabled toilet.

Do any of the boats have wheelchair access?

Manual wheelchairs are able to access Aussie Magic, Lady Rose and Bella Vista.

Where can I board the boat? What time do I arrive to the wharf prior to departure?

Our preferred wharves for ease of access and safety for guests are Star City Casino, King Street Darling Harbour, Eastern Pontoon or Taronga Zoo. We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes prior to your cruise start time to ensure no one misses the boat!

What is the dress code?

No formal dress code, we recommend smart- casual.

Can I wear heels on board?

All types of shoes are permitted on board Aussie Magic, Lady Rose and Bella Vista. There is a strict no shoe policy on Seven Star, Aqua Bay and Sunseeker. Disposable slippers are provided on request.

What is the minimum cruise time?

Bella Vista, Lady Rose and Aussie Magic require a minimum 4 hours hire every month of the year. If you would like a 1, 2 or 3 hour transfer please contact one of our dedicated Event Managers for a tailored quotation.

Seven Star, Aqua Bay and Sunseeker require a minimum 4 hour hire during November – March and a minimum 3 hour hire during April – October.

What set-up will I get on the night?

Your Event Manager will work with you to create a floorplan suited to your event.

How early can we arrive to setup the boat and what set-up will I get on the night?

A minimum bump-in of 1.5 hours is provided, the option for longer bump in periods is by request only. Your Event Manager will work with you to create a floorplan suited to your event.

Can we hang banners/flags off the boat?


What restrictions are there for decorating?

No pins, hooks or gaffa tape. Nothing adhered to windows or ceilings. We would recommend freestanding decorations, banners, signs, décor ect.

How much are wharf fees?

All wharves incur a State Government fee of $50 per berthing. Select wharves in Sydney Harbour incur a higher fee - please discuss this with your Event Manager.

Where can we Board the cruise?

Our preferred wharves are King Street Wharf, Star Casino Wharf, Eastern Pontoon and Taronga Zoo.

Am I able to advertise or create a public invitation for my cruise?

All Publicly distributed advertising (posters, flyers, pamphlets, social media promotions etc.) must be sent to your Event Manager for prior approval.

Is security required for my cruise?

All Occasion Cruises’ licenced security are required for underage cruises, school and university socials, 18th and 21st birthdays. The number of guards required is subject to guest numbers and varies between vessels.

Can I have a contact number of the staff or cruise director on the day?

We can provide these details 24 hours prior to your cruise, however if there is an emergency please call our after-hours help line 0417 307 766.

Can I book external suppliers for my cruise?

Yes. There are additional fees for use of the on-board galley facilities.

When Can I BYO?

November- March: Sunday- Thursday only
April- October: Any day

AV included/ available?

Each vessel is equipment with AV equipment, contact your Event Manager for more specific details.

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, all standard menus can cater for vegetarian, gluten free and halal dietary requirements. Kosher can be catered for at additional cost.

Do you have a surcharge on public holidays?

All cruises on public holidays are required to be all-inclusive of food and beverage packages and incur a 25% surcharge on the total cruise cost.